For quick, cost effective and robust onsite facilities...

PVC Roofed BigBox Temporary Building

Considering the total cost and speed it takes to erect one of our “temporary” buildings, the standards we achieve far exceed most expectations.

Temporary means different things to different people. Our structures can be temporary but almost never are. To us temporary means a lightweight structure i.e. with a PVC roof as opposed to time-limited usage.

  • The reality is they're usually in place for many years, even decades, such is the robust design and life expectancy.
  • Some competitors call these same temporary structures "semi-permanent" simply because they install them for longer.
  • They are easily relocatable, tolerant of poor surfaces and don't require preparatory ground-works - we can even install them on broken, uneven, sloping surfaces.
  • For Councils 'temporary' usually means less than 28 days usage. We understand Permitted Development and Planning Permission rules – and have some options to help you avoid it (or help you apply for it). .
PVC Roofed BigBox Temporary Building

What to expect from a temporary Big Box Building...

PVC Roofed BigBox Temporary Building

A temporary building has a PVC roof to keep the structure lightweight and can have aluminium or steel frames.

These buildings are engineered to last for many years in situ, despite the misleading name. They can be extended as needed and parts can be replaced individually if worn or damaged. Options include steel walls, a range of doors, fixed or retractable building links, glazed windows etc. We offer two types of frame:

  • Aluminium Frames - The best known and the most tolerant of poor ground surfaces. They are the quickest to produce and install, so the cheapest to move - often making them the best choice - sometimes the only choice if they are needed at the last minute. Most providers ONLY offer these aluminium systems and, whilst they are suited to many applications, they have their limitations eg single span/width size, height, strength, security, PVC, internal cables, noisy in the wind etc.
  • Steel Frames – These are much stronger and usually cheaper on a like-for-like basis against aluminium for larger sizes. They can be built wider and taller, around treble the maximum sizes allowed by aluminium. When combined with a PVC roof they are still classed as 'lightweight' and 'temporary'. When size matters a steel frame allows for a much larger warehouse size. No need for several smaller aluminium temporary buildings grouped together. They work on most lower quality hard surfaces and don’t usually require groundworks. Other benefits include the ability to use the whole roof space and they are quieter in strong winds, particularly as a canopy. In many cases, steel is the better choice and yet rarely considered!

Fully functional buildings with a short ordering to build timeframe...

Aluminium framed building.

A temporary building is produced and installed relatively quickly; often within 6 weeks’ lead time, larger and steel frame structures can take a little longer.

Although installation of a temporary building might seem to some like a major construction process, these structures do go up quickly, often within a week. In our quotes we include all plant and construction equipment necessary for the build, so you get an 'all in' price. Standards of finish, fitting and performance are discussed in advance so customers have a clear understanding of what to expect so we avoid unpleasant surprises.

The main benefits of these buildings are cost and speed. Many customers choose temporary buildings because they are a cost effective solution and provide useable onsite facilities quickly. They usually require no groundworks, just an existing hard standing to prevent subsidence that's suitable for the customer's needs.

Aluminium framed building.

You can lease or buy...

Steel framed buildings with a PVC Roofs.

As the decision to have a temporary building often has a very fast time frame and quick turnaround we don’t want availability of finance to be a hurdle.

We offer great long term and flexible Finance on these temporary buildings. You can also purchase outright or by spreading the payments via a lease so you own it after you’ve paid for it.

Tips & Notes for those considering a Temporary Building...


A PVC roof can be double-layered (or inflated) for anti-condensation and to provide basic insulation, so they are well suited to ambient storage. But they aren’t always the best option e.g. poor security and the fact PVC will wear out every 10-15 years. Which is why we also offer a more permanent all-steel solution, including the roof, for long term use, proper insulation and higher in-use standards.


We’ve completed projects with non-standard shapes and bespoke specifications in steel, so we aren’t confined to rectangles or restrictive standards. If you really need a triangle, pentagon or rhombus we can help you!


A 65m single span x 200m length x 16m eaves height building can be temporary, e.g. for bulk storage, at a windy quayside, even on a tarmac or Type 1/hardcore surface, and its considerably quicker and cheaper than putting up a conventional store.


Remember when creating an indoor facility on a previously outdoor surface, that surface won’t perform like your existing warehouse. A floor will usually function much better with some preparatory groundworks e.g. perimeter drains, slope correction near doors, slightly raised pad or ring-beam to manage rainwater and provide better anchorage. But usually the need is quick, so the standards achieved are a compromise.