Temporary building as a quick cost-effective workshop expansion

September 2020

Temporary Buildings


Sytner Mercedes Benz

Project Overview...

Quick & cost effective solution needed for extra tyres fitting space at Newcastle main dealer

Before the pandemic hit we were getting ready to install two all-steel buildings, which would have suited this Mercedes dealership very well, each requiring groundworks due to uneven tarmac surfaces... but then Covid strikes... with the summer recovery starting but amid the new economic reality, the focus switched to "what can you offer that's quick, cheap but still quality and just one of them initially?"

So we spoke about "tents"... a temporary building's main advantage is it can be built on most existing hardstanding surfaces, but whilst that saved the customer a small fortune in groundworks, we're always sure to call out the disadvantages too... in this case the location they wanted it sits in a deep puddle when it rains!

Subterranean ground scan/mapping done (we have to know precisely what's beneath the surface to safely position the building; metre deep pins) and drain unblocked, the install proceeded in record time and finished off with an internal perimeter bund to supplement the under-walls chemical seal, which we were delighted to observe keeps the puddle around the building firmly outside, rather than pouring into it!

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